Classic red wine sangria

Photos: Nigel Cox

The wine you choose for your sangria will have a big effect on the flavor: After all, wine is the main ingredient. The good news is that you'll end up with a fantastic final product as long as you use any bottle you'd enjoy drinking on its own. For reds, a medium-bodied, fruity wine with moderate tannins is ideal—think Grenache-based Spanish bottlings, Argentine Malbec, or Italian Chianti. With white wine, look for unoaked varietals with lots of tropical or citrus fruit flavors: Pinot Grigio and most Rieslings are a safe bet. When in doubt, do as the Spaniards do and buy an inexpensive red or white Rioja (a $10 to $15 bottle is fine). And when it comes to sparkling wines, Spanish Cava can't be beat for the price—about $15.
—Nick Fauchald

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White wine sangria

Photos: Nigel Cox

Citrusy White Wine Sangria
Upgrade summer get-togethers with a refreshing pitcher of this flavorful and crisp white wine sangria with apples and orange slices.

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Strawberry-basil sangria

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Strawberry-Basil Rosé Sangria
This sangria uses sweet strawberries, tart lemon, and a bit of basil for a perfect combination of fresh summer flavors.

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Pineapple sangria

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Pineapple-Mango Sparkling Sangria
This sparkling version of sangria takes a more exotic approach with tropical fruits and a pinch of saffron.

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