Spiced Picnic Chicken

Photo: Linda Xiao

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A Reinvention of Buffalo Sauce
This picnic-perfect chicken features a sauce that's reminiscent of the Buffalo one you often see on wings, but instead of relying on jarred or canned ingredients for heat, you use the real deal: that is, either red jalapeƱos (the ubiquitous green jalapeƱos work well here, too) or Fresnos, which have a fruity, smoky flavor. You puree the peppers, garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, ginger, salt and olive oil in a blender until they emulsify into a smooth and spicy marinade. When roasted, the drumsticks and thighs turn golden and take on a tangy, spicy flavor that tastes brighter and fresher than most Buffalo-sauced chicken.

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