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The Crunchy Green
There's a lot to love about kale chips: They're low in calories, packed with nutrients and surprisingly tasty. The baked snack is simple to make, too. You just tear kale leaves into pieces; coat them with olive oil, salt and pepper; and, bake for 10 to 15 minutes. But one small post-munching tip—you may want to do a quick mirror check before heading out, as Oprah learned firsthand.

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A New Way to Jazz Up a Fiber-Filled Classic
Oprah calls truffle popcorn her "all-time greatest snack." You can follow this recipe (she uses grapeseed oil in place of canola); then pour the just-popped, hot popcorn into a big bowl and toss with fine sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and truffle zest, which has an earthy, salty and ever-so-sweet taste and is one of Oprah's favorite ingredients. For the finishing touch, spritz everything with lemon juice, mixing to evenly infuse the popcorn with the juice—it helps the seasoning stick and adds a bright and zippy flavor.

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Chips That Are Pure Joy
When her first try at making homemade truffled potato chips turned out perfectly, Oprah wrote that she had tears of happiness. Achieving such delightful results is easier than you'd think; all you need are three simple ingredients (potatoes, olive-oil cooking spray and truffle salt), a mandoline to slice the spuds thinly and a baking sheet. Oprah's trick for getting the crispiest chips: Use very fresh potatoes (they should be firm, smooth, have shallow "eyes" and no green tint).

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