Smush ins are one of the coolest things to make. I remember when I was a kid, me and my sister would always try to defrost our hard ice cream in our dessert bowls into almost a thick milkshakey consistency before scoffing the lot. Then as we matured we realized that many flavors could be mushed in to improve the flavor of the rubbishy ice cream that our parents always used to give us.

So, from the word "mush" and the phrase "mushing it in" they became "smush ins." It was great going round the supermarkets as a kid secretly slipping possible smush ins into the trolley. Anything could be a contender—from maple syrup to bashed up chocolate bits, meringue, fruit—you name it, we would smush it! Winegums aren't so good though. But melted chocolate caramel bars are choooooooice.
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Various "smush ins" (maple syrup, chocolate bits, meringue, fruit, etc.)
  • Directions
    Take 2 large scoops of ice cream per person, blob these on to a clean chopping board, sprinkle or dribble over your flavors and then, with a spatula or fork, mush and smush them together. Scoop up and lob into a bowl or cornet.

    Give these a bash and make an event of them when you've got all the kids round. They're really good fun and great to use as bribes to get the kids helping you with the proper cooking! Smush away.


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