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The Blank Slate
Quinoa cooks faster than rice and boasts a way better nutritional profile (Dr. Oz even includes the healthy carb in his two-day wonder cleanse). Keep a plain bowl of it in the fridge, and you'll have meals all week. Here's how to get your blank slate started: In a saucepan, bring 1 1/2 cups of water to a boil. Add a cup of rinsed quinoa and simmer, covered, until the water is absorbed and the quinoa is tender, about 15 minutes. Fluff with a fork; season with a pinch of salt. You'll have 3 cups, which you can then use tons of different ways...

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A Warm and Smoky Dinner
Three-quarters cup of quinoa serves as the perfect base for a savory and smoky sauté. You can use whatever meat (or veggie protein) you'd like; this recipe calls for a pound of large shrimp, but you could also swap in an equal amount of diced chicken or tofu. Whichever you choose, adding a teaspoon of smoked paprika adds instant flavor, and the quinoa will help soak up the tasty sauce.

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A Bright Winter Salad
Stirring orange zest, orange juice, orange segments and chopped pistachios into 3 cups of cooked quinoa brings zest and crunch. Throw in crisp-tender, chopped broccoli and diced red bell pepper, and you've got color and extra nutrients, too.

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Veggie Chili with Benefits
Meatless chili can sometimes feel like vegetable soup with a different name—but the addition of quinoa lends a chewy heft (bonus: it helps tame the dish's heat). Stir a cup of cooked quinoa into the pot just before serving.

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Pistachio cereal

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Hot Cereal with Way More Protein
Swirl a spoonful of buttery-tasting pistachios, a dash of vanilla extract, sweet honey and tangy low-fat yogurt into a bowl of hot quinoa, and you'll have a protein-rich breakfast that tastes (almost) like dessert.

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The Breakfast that's Even Quicker than a Smoothie
Slicing a banana and throwing in a handful of berries is all it takes to transform a serving of quinoa into a satisfying breakfast bowl. It even gets a healthy boost from hemp seeds, maple syrup and cinnamon. Eat it straight out of the bowl or pack in a mason jar for an Instagram-worthy breakfast on the go.

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The Quinoa Recipe Oprah Loves
"This quinoa salad is delicious with Marcona almonds, but I sometimes substitute toasted pine nuts, because everything tastes better with toasted pine nuts!" —Oprah Winfrey

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quinoa salad

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The Dish that Satisfies Your Chinese Takeout Craving
If you're in the mood for fried rice, try this quinoa recipe instead. This warm dish includes cubes of browned tofu and a dressing made from lime juice; sesame oil or walnut oil; soy sauce and fresh ginger. Plus, it has more fiber than white rice.

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