For a record 13th year in a row, chef Wolfgang Puck is serving up his delectable dishes at the most prestigious party in Hollywood—the Governor's Ball! As owner of the renowned Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills, Wolfgang is no stranger to serving to the masses, but Oscar® crowds set records. This year Wolfgang and his team are expected to serve over 1,500 partygoers!

Wolfgang says the trick to keeping things moving is organization—but the biggest help is having a staff he knows and trusts. After all these years, he says he always looks forward to this night. "I think there's always a certain excitement building up no matter what," he says.

And this year he is putting everyone to the test by doing something that's never been done before—Oscar is going organic.

By creating a healthier menu—which will include humanely raised animals and sustainable seafood—Wolfgang says you get the best of both worlds: great tasting food and you're helping the environment. "I think the next thing is to show kids how to think the right way," Wolfgang says. "If they see Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt are into [organic eating], then I think it will be good for everybody."

One of Wolfgang's signature Academy Award treats is Oscar statuettes made entirely of chocolate—a delicacy that will remain on the menu. Finding the quantity of organic chocolate he needed was difficult at first, but in the end, Wolfgang says everything came together.

"I really believe if we don't change the way we react to our environment, we are going to be in big trouble and our kids for sure will be in big trouble," Wolfang says.

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