Pantries are harder to manage than refrigerators. Why? Our pantries are usually chock full of foods that we buy because they look good, or because they seem like good foods to have on hand, or because they're on sale. They're sort of like clothes closets—full of impulse purchases and sale mistakes. Instead of being the place your food goes to expire, make your pantry a staging area for healthy living. If you're going to experiment by buying new things, make sure you have a recipe and a plan for the whole meal you want to cook. The same goes for sale items. Getting a good price on that box of Arborio rice means nothing if you haven't the first clue about how to prepare risotto.

Take Everything Out and Clean
That's right, pull every single box out of the pantry. This will give you a great opportunity to clean up all the nuts and bits of cereal that have escaped and are roaming freely among the bags and boxes.

Organize Your Pantry
Purge your pantry of foods you don't eat. Now that you have a nice, clean cupboard with plenty of space, it's time to bring order to the foods you're storing.

Physical Upgrades
It always helps to have a bright, clear pantry so foods don't disappear into dark corners. A fresh coat of white paint and better lighting are a great way to make a fresh start. Also, invest in a spice rack that really works well for your space. If one fits over the back of your pantry door, it's a great way to keep spices visible and out of the way. A lazy Susan is also a good option for spices or other small pantry items.

A commitment to your kitchen is a commitment to yourself and the process to improve every aspect of your life. Enjoying your food starts with feeling happy in your kitchen. And if you don't enjoy your food, you'll never be happy with your body. It's that simple. Once your kitchen is clutter-free, it's time to fill it with well-chosen food.

Follow the golden rules of pantry organization.
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