Many of my younger summers were spent playing with my sisters on a Spanish beach where my grandparents had a little villa. After dinner, our parents would buy us ice cream from a heladería that had more flavors than we could dream of. We always joked about one day ordering a scoop of each—then one year, on the final day of our trip, my father let us! We were on cloud nine as we scarfed down the entire spectrum of tastes, from lemon sorbet to stracciatella (chocolate chip), while our parents looked on, laughing.

This sorbet layer cake is my grown-up answer to that childlike desire to try all the colors and flavors. It’s so simple to make and stores well in the freezer, taking the stress out of dessert. When you offer up these slices of frozen rainbow, your friends just might be transported back to their own carefree sunny days of sticky ice pops and sand between their toes.

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