Gayle's new favorite food is a sandwich created by celebrity chef Govind Armstrong.

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We all know that Gayle loves to eat, and it's hard to resist her new favorite find! It's a masterpiece of a sandwich made by celebrity chef Govind Armstrong. Known for his signature small plates and big flavors, Govind has reinvented comfort food at his Los Angeles hot spot, Table 8. With dreams of being a chef since he was a kid, Govind is now tantalizing the taste buds of stars like Elton John, Leonardo DiCaprio and Janet Jackson.

Govind believes you can eat anything you want as long as you have small portions, which is why he wrote his cookbook, Small Bites, Big Nights. "You can eat all day and all night with small bites," he says.

Gayle first met Govind in August when he appeared on her XM radio show. "The thing I remembered most about that interview is the way he described a special grilled cheese sandwich. It sounded so good, I wanted to take him home right then and there," Gayle says.