Oprah with her Post-It Flag Highlighter

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It costs less than a meal at McDonald's, but Oprah says it's changing the way she does things at work and at home. "It's the most incredible invention, I've got to tell you," she says.

The Post-It Flag Highlighter—a highlighting pen that comes with its own supply of flags attached to the base—is the small invention making a big difference in Oprah's life. Now, instead of flipping to the front of a book to record the location of a favorite passage, she says she highlights and flags pages without losing her place!

Oprah flew David Windorski, a product development specialist for 3M Company who helped invent the pen, to Chicago to thank him in person. "David, I know you never thought this would happen when you were in the 3M room," she says, "but I want you to take a bow before America for the invention of this pen."