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Build Your Sandwich the Night Before (and No Mushy Bread, We Promise)

Nothing against egg salad on spongy whole wheat, but the textural difference between dry bread and juicy fillings is one of the things we love best about sandwiches. Susie Cover, a former caterer and private chef and a mother of two, has figured out how to prepare the standard lunch food the night before and still have it taste fresh. Her first choice for bread is a wrap; she finds whole wheat or whole grain versions keep best. She also likes a hearty baguette or ciabatta. But bread alone won't combat mushiness. It's important to keep any sauce—like honey mustard or pesto mayonnaise—on the side. Cover packs the sandwich along with a container (these test tube-like vials are perfect) of sauce that you or your child can dip the sandwich into as you eat. Another idea, straight from the streets of Nice in southern France: Make a pan bagnat, a tuna sandwich that actually improves the longer it sits.