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Pack It Like a Pro
Using the right container for your Cobb salad or ham and Swiss sandwich will ensure a neat, nonsquished and perfect-temperature meal—and the newest crop of bowls, bags and packs are so gorgeous, you'll actually look forward to packing lunch. BUILT's new Bento Salad Bowl includes an airtight, microwave-safe hard container that fits inside a neoprene sleeve (with a beautiful range of patterns to choose from); the company also just started selling neoprene sandwich and snack bags that zip shut so food stays fresh. Then there's Cuppow's BNTO lunchbox adaptor, a plastic cup that splits a canning jar into two compartments. It's great for salads and dressing, peanut butter and pretzels, hummus and veggies, fruit and yogurt, or cinnamon-cream cheese and apple slices (which just might become your new addiction).