Stack of oatmeal raisin cookies

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A Healthy Spin on Grandma's Specialty
Soft oatmeal cookies studded with dried fruit are a cookie jar staple, and while Alicia Silverstone's take on the classic has some intriguing twists, it still stays true to the original. She keeps the oats but uses dried plums (aka prunes) instead of raisins. Her recipe also includes a dash of molasses plus one-third cup each of maple syrup and maple sugar, which is prepared from the sap of the sugar maple tree and pours like granulated sugar.

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Sesame Fruit-and-Nut Bars

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The Energy Jolt Without the Sugar Crash
By stashing a few of these addictive bars in your bag, you'll never have to face a vending machine full of off-the-charts-sweet snacks again. Sesame seeds, dried cherries and walnuts make for a perfect sweet-savory mix, and they stay bound together with coconut butter and either agave nectar or dark honey (which has a richer flavor than light).

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Pumpkin pie

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A Pie Recipe That Highlights the Pumpkin, Not the Sugar
Traditional recipes for this beloved winter pie call for at least a cup of white sugar or a mix of white and brown. Chef Aine McAteer's version uses stevia instead; the zero-calorie substitute is 200 to 300 times sweeter than white sugar, so two-thirds cup is all you need for a dessert that's decadent—but won't spike your glucose levels.

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Frozen yogurt

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The Sweet and Tart Breakfast for Dessert
If you love Greek yogurt drizzled with honey for breakfast, try this frozen treat, which combines plain yogurt with just a half cup of whole milk, a healthy glug of honey and a ton of lemon juice. Sliced almonds make a light, crunchy topping.

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Ginger Cookies

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The Giftable Cookie
Known for her vegetarian recipes, 101 Cookbooks blogger Heidi Swanson is adept at satisfying a sweet tooth too. Her recipe for ginger cookies calls for whole grain flour, not white; and unsulphured molasses. It contains less than a cup of granulated sugar, along with raw or turbinado sugar (which is less refined than the traditional kind).

Get the recipe: Ginger Cookies

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