Serves 8


Mostarda is a sweet-savory dried fruit compote or chutney spice with savory spices (mainly mustard seed), which you can purchase at many specialty food stores
  • Loaf of brioche
  • Aged cheddar, sliced
  • Mostarda


Cut the loaf lengthwise into 1/2-inch slices and place slices of the aged cheddar in between, building 2 large grilled cheese sandwiches.

Place the sandwiches directly into a panini press or side by side in a large non-stick pan. The bread has enough butter that you won't need to butter it. Toast on both sides over medium-low heat, until bread is golden and cheese starts to ooze.

Place sandwiches on a cutting board and cut into smaller pieces. Smear the tops of the sandwiches with Mostarda.


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