Jessica Seinfeld, author of Double Delicious! and Deceptively Delicious, is on a mission to help families create simple food for busy lives. She shares her secret to a healthy family and a happy kitchen.
How do you make sure to shop with your family's health in mind?

I cover the produce aisle first. Then I look for low-fat proteins and legumes and whole grains and low-fat dairy. Those make up the bulk of my grocery cart. Then I go in for the extras—maybe some snacks, maybe some treats—but those don't make up the bulk of my cart. I shop the outer part of the store, and then move in with caution.

What are five pieces of cooking equipment you could not live without?

A large cutting board. Rubbermaid makes ones in really bright colors which I find really fun.

A sharp chef's knife. Fall in love with your knife.

A pair of cooking tongs.

A timer, because something's always going on at my house that distracts me while I'm cooking and if I don't use a timer, something is going to burn.

A sheet pan. I don't know if that's too boring, but I feel like I really cook everything on sheet pans all the time. It's the thing I am putting in and taking out the most. I roast chickens on it, I roast vegetables on it. When I take the chickens out of the oven, I put them on the top of the stove and I make gravy with it. I just feel like it's the thing I use the most.

How do you keep the whole family happy and involved in healthy eating?

One thing I do is I always have freshly cut vegetables in my refrigerator. So we use them to cook with, for sides, and I put them on the table so our kids snack on them while I'm getting dinner ready. So if there's a complaint, there's a pile of carrots in front of them. I also use them for snacks myself throughout the day. If I'm running out, I grab a handful of celery and a piece of cheese run out the door. It's a great healthy snack.


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