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To Heat Up Some Soup: The Small Saucepan
Whether you live alone or have a family of five, this little pot will get a lot of action. Katie Workman, founding editor of and author of The Mom 100 Cookbook, uses her smallest saucepan for reheating anywhere from one to four portions of chili or soup, or making rice for up to four people. It also comes in handy when warming up sauces or making caramel or hot fudge. Some versions (such as All-Clad's) have a smaller diameter (6 inches) but higher sides (4 1/4 inches) than others, which helps food stay hot even with the lid off.
Size: 2-quart
Make sure to...only fill the pot two-thirds of the way (or less) with food. Leaving some room at the top for the air to circulate within the confines of the saucepan walls will help whatever you're cooking stay moist.
But don't...forget a tight-fitting lid, which will ensure rice, couscous and other grains get the steam they need to cook properly.
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