dark chocolate almonds

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The Dessertlike Picker-Upper
A sharper mind and better stress-control are just a few of the benefits chocolate may deliver; while almonds are one of the most satisfying snacks you can eat. Put them together and you've got one of Eat Complete author Drew Ramsey, MD's top between-meals bites; his favorite: dark chocolate-covered almonds).
peanut butter and jelly sandwich

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The Sweet-Savory Sandwich
For nutritionist Megan Wolf, whose new book is called Great Meals with Greens and Grains, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches contain her three must-haves for a healthy snack: good fats, fiber and protein. She makes herself a half-sandwich using whole grain bread, low-sugar jelly and a peanut butter containing just two ingredients: peanuts and salt.
cucumber boats

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The Switched-Up Version of Veggies and Dip
If you're experiencing carrot-stick-dunked-in-hummus ennui, try this twist from Los Angeles dietitian Marie Feldman. She cuts a cucumber in half, lengthwise, scoops out the seeds with a spoon and cuts each half in two, crosswise. Then, she fills the trough with hummus, or goat cheese, for a fresh-tasting, protein-filled snack.
popcorn and cashews

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The Movie-Theater Classic with Some Healthy Tweaks
Wolf loves to keep a bag of popcorn around for when she's craving something crunchy; plus, she can eat a lot of it (as much as three cups!) while staying within the parameters of a nutritious snack (her homemade version has 93 calories, 1 gram of fat, 4 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein). She starts with air-popped popcorn, then often adds some sliced, or chopped, nuts to up the protein quotient.

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2 Savory Treats We Don't Usually Think Of
The bites that San Francisco nutritionist Rebecca Katz keeps within arm's reach would be just as appropriate at a cocktail party as they are at home on the couch. The author of Clean Soups loves to munch on olives, finding them very satiating (plus, the unpitted varieties can take a while to eat, so it's hard to pop them like candy); as well as toasted pumpkin seeds, which are a nutritious alternative to potato chips, especially if you make them yourself.
red apple

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The 5-Minute Getaway
Dr. Ramsey says a small, red organic apple is one of his go-to snacks because it's inexpensive, transports well and can't be scarfed down in 30 seconds. In fact, he tries to take a full five minutes to eat an apple, stepping away from whatever he's doing, taking a few mindful breaths and just enjoying the sweet fruit. The fiber fills him up and the break from his day leaves him feeling recharged.