Rosetta Stone language classes

Rosetta Stone Language Classes
Know someone who always wanted to learn Italian or French? How about Welsh or Turkish? This interactive CD-ROM is available in 30 different languages. Their technique teaches young and old by linking new words with real-world objects and events. So even you can pick up a new language in no time.

Classes start at $195. For more information, visit
World salt sampler

World Salt Sampler
Tease even the most experienced palates with this luscious assortment of gourmet salts. "The serious chef knows that Indian black salt is perfect on vegetables and that salt from Cyprus has a distinct ocean taste. For the rest of us, this 24-jar sampler from around the world is guaranteed to educate," Oprah says.

Available for $165 at
Hanro pajamas

Hanro Pajamas
These soft and sensuous pajamas will have your loved one begging for bedtime.

Available for $154 at
Italianissimo cappuccino cups

Italianissimo Cappuccino Cups
These porcelain cappuccino cups are the epitome of pretty. "Don't they make you want to curl up with a terrific book and some biscotti?" Oprah says.

$129 for set of six; each cup has a different rose on it.
iPod Nano

iPod Nano
Because lugging around a boom box is so passé.

Available for $149 at
Sticks and Stones alphabet photographs

Sticks and Stones Alphabet Photographs
These charming photos of objects from nature and architecture form letters of the alphabet and are used to spell a favorite word or name. "If you want to give someone a totally original keepsakehere it is," Oprah says.

From $120 to $200, depending on frame and matting.
Epicurean International Products wine sealers

Epicurean International Products Wine Sealers
Flat Champagne is a pitiful thing. And why waste wine? These clever gadgets vacuum-seal open bottles, keeping things bubbly and fresh for days.

$125 for pump, charging base, Seal & Save wine stopper, two wine stoppers, and Champagne stopper.
Penhaligon's lavender candle

Penhaligon's Lavender Candle
Never mind the glamorous silver-plated bowlthese candles have the prettiest lavender scent this side of Provence! Plus, they burn for 50 hours which equals a whole lot of tranquility.

Available for $120 at
Lobster Gram continental collection sampler

Lobster Gram Continental Collection Sampler
Attention, seafood lovers! Ever wish someone would deliver juicy and tender lobster tails to your door? Now they do! The Continental Collection Sampler contains six extravagant lobster tails from six different parts of the world. Melt some butter and grab a bib.

$175 plus $22 for shipping.