Oprah tries Zingerman's brisket.

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Since Gayle traveled all the way to Michigan to try the brisket, Zingerman's returns the favor and brings everyone in the audience a sandwich! Everyone can have a taste, but no one's going home with their secret recipe.

Oprah takes a bite—and then another—before rating the sandwich. "On a scale of 1 to 5...11," Oprah says. "You know why? Because you can taste the molasses, and then there's a twang."

Gayle says she had one rating in mind originally but decided to change it after giving the sandwich some more thought. "I gave this a 4.5, and [then] we drove 45 minutes to our next location," Gayle says. "My daughter, Kirby, was with me, and she said, 'I can't believe you gave that a 4.5. We're still talking about it.' So I increased my vote to a 5."