On TLC's Take Home Chef, chef Curtis Stone whips up gourmet meals in strangers' homes. When he's in his own kitchen, this Australian has his own style.

See what kitchen tools he can't live without. Plus, Curtis shares the menu for his last meal!

What is your favorite comfort food?

Curtis: It changes, you know, it depends where I am. If I'm in Australia, it's my mom's roast lamb. ... As soon as I think of comfort food, I think of my mom. She makes these incredible whole wheat oatmeal cookies, which is a strange comfort food, right?

Then, if I was in England, because I lived in England for eight years, it'd be Toads in the Hole. They makes like a Yorkshire pudding mixture ... and then they fill a tray with it. They put a lot of sausages in the tray, and then they bake it in the oven so it rises. Then, there's all these sausages poking up.


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