While Daphne Oz loves that women aren't afraid to ask directions, take advice or pay attention to their own particular tastes, there is one skill she feels her sisters are lacking: being able to pick a good, inexpensive bottle of wine.
There are a few skills I think every woman should have up her sleeve to whip out in times of need. While the basics—ironing, donning stockings without nicking them, blow-drying your own hair—elude me, there is one skill that is often left to the men in our lives to master even though women might actually be better suited for the task. Most among us are able to whip up a simple-yet-sumptuous three-course meal (with our bare hands!), but what about choosing the accompanying wine? No, sir. Not me.

For many, myself included, wine-tasting is wine-testing. It is stressful, overwhelming and, worst of all, immediately conclusive: You either chose a winner or a dud. Half the time, I don't even know what I'm supposed to be tasting; I know when something tastes good, but I don't know if that means it's a good wine.

Basically, I've always been intimidated by the task, and though I marvel at some people's ability to sit with a wine list before them and actually make sense of it (it might as well be written in Swahili for me), I'd never thought to try my hand at deciphering the code of "a good wine." Until today


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