Salty soup

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Problem #2: Soup That Leaves You Wanting to Guzzle Anything But More Soup
How to solve it: The first thing to know about trying to correct an overly salty soup is that adding sliced potato, rice, noodles or cubes of bread just won't work, says Ellen Brown, author of Soup of the Day: 150 Delicious and Comforting Recipes from Our Favorite Restaurants. Here's what does: For a broth-based soup like chicken noodle, add enough liquid (unsalted stock or water) so that the soup no longer leaves you feeling as thirsty as if you've just run a marathon. Then, stir in more vegetables (so the soup isn't so broth-heavy), plus herbs or whatever other flavoring ingredients you're using. If the soup had already finished cooking, strain out the cooked ingredients while you work so they don't get mushy; then add them back in. For a creamy soup, Brown suggests adding more dairy, whether milk or cream.