The only thing better than cake is cake served with candy. This is more of a method than a recipe, so feel free to play around with different flavor, and filling, combinations.


  • Cupcakes (any kind you like; even ones made with cake mix are fine)
  • Rock candy, mini M&M's, fruity hard candies, other candies or sprinkles
  • Frosting


    Allow the cupcakes to cool completely.

    Use a sharp knife to cut into the cake, creating a small diagonal incision in the middle. Keep the knife on the diagonal and make a cone-shaped piece of cake, then remove the piece. Trim the very top of the cone and save.

    Fill the hole with any mixture of small candies you like. I've used everything from rock candy to mini M&M's to fruity hard candies—and even added sprinkles for birthday treats.

    Place the trimmed piece of cake you reserved back on top of the cupcake.

    Frost and decorate.

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