The Cake That Introduced Us to the Phrase "Tunnel of Fudge"

If there's something that screams Pillsbury Bake-Off® about this Bundt cake recipe from The Kitchn, here's why: It's based on a 1966 winning recipe from that very competition. It's gone through a series of revisions, but here's what remains: a moist chocolate cake with a distinctly fudgy center, so when you slice it, each serving has a beautifully molten center.

Get the recipe: Molten Chocolate Bundt Cake

The Cookie-Pie Mash-Up We've Only Dreamed Of

This apple crisp cookie cup recipe from Delish starts out familiar enough: Beat together sugar, eggs and vanilla, then add flour, oats and cinnamon...but just when you're thinking, "These sure sound like oatmeal cookies," there comes a curveball. You scoop the dough into muffin tins, pressing down with a spoon to create cup-shape cookies. Bake them until they're golden brown, and then—drool alert—spoon sautéed and spiced apples into the cups and drizzle with caramel for a treat that's half cookie, half pie.

Get the recipe: Apple Crisp Cookie Cups

The "It's Finally Cranberry Season!" Tart

Pumpkin and apple pies may get all the glory this time of year, but trust us: No one will complain if this beautiful pastry from Martha Stewart hits the table instead. It's a bursting-with-berries, open-face tart with a dainty, crimped, shortcut pastry crust, and a filling comprised of a whopping 6.5 cups of fresh cranberries. Don't let the refined look fool you, though; this dessert is way easier to make than you'd think. You blind bake the crust (which is just baking it empty, without the filling); then pour in the cranberries that you've simmered with sugar, jelly and cognac. Let set and enjoy the sweet-tart deliciousness.

Get the recipe: Cranberry Tart

The Brownies That Got to Happy Hour Before You Did

Cooking with wine? Absolutely. Baking with red wine? Hold on—is that a thing? As this decadent recipe from the blog A Cookie Named Desire (via HelloGiggles) shows, it sure is. And it could change the way you bake brownies forever. You plump up dried cranberries in three-fourths cup of red wine, then mix them into the batter and bake. The finished treats are rich and fudgy, with a fruity undertone—and best enjoyed with a glass of wine, naturally.

Get the recipe: Red Wine Brownies

The Cookie-Fied Cupcake

This chocolate chip cookie-cupcake is sure to please anyone who's ever had a tough time deciding between the two iconic desserts. It uses crunchy chocolate-chip-cookie crumbs as a crisp crust for a chocolate-chip cupcake—and then, there's a brown-sugar frosting that tastes like chocolate-chip-cookie dough. The recipe, from The Sprinkles Baking Book, via PopSugar Food, works just as well whether you make your own cookies or use store-bought.

Get the recipe: Sprinkles Chocolate Chip Cookie-Cupcakes


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