The Love Interest

Poison Ivy, Cat Woman and The Riddler may be fictitious characters, but it sure seems like Debbie Downer and Dr. Don't are alive and kickin'! So when you see your flame burned out from the daily grind, inject some romance. Even if he resists at first, just find his weakness and exploit it for the greater good—peace and love.

Kid at heart? Break out the comic books and read them together, preferably with a flashlight while lying in sleeping bags. Up the suggestive tone of the night and slip in a naughty comic book or two!

Competitive? Propose a battle of the superheroes using video games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 or X-Men—just check the games available in the super hero genre for your game system.

So let off some steam and have a little fun—it might even lead to another kind of fun! Oh, and sometimes costumes make their own kind of entertainment.


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