Give a gift from the heart.

Share baby shower gifts that will touch the mommy-to-be's heart, and you'll create memories that will last a lifetime.

For example, create a "Messages from the Heart Tree." Ask each guest to write on a painted wooden plaque (which you can buy from the craft store) a message they want to share with the new baby and the mom-to-be. Hang them with ribbon from branches at the shower to create a beautiful centerpiece that shares lots of love. After the shower, the mom can use these beauties to decorate the nursery.
Craft a photo album.

Craft a photo album documenting the day. Buy a simple photo album at the store and fill it with quotes that you love about friendship, babies, family and friends. Throughout the shower, take Polaroids of the day and simply tuck them in the pages, creating an instant scrapbook of a day filled with love, laughter and friendship.
Create an advice book.

Create an advice book for raising a new baby. Ask friends and family alike to jot down a piece of wisdom—good advice for raising a healthy, happy child. Paste them into a book with a pretty cover.
Make a book for Mom to write to her child.

Make a book for Mom to write to her child. Simply glue envelopes on each page and fill each with blank paper. Purchase a beautiful pen to tie to the binding of this soon-to-be keepsake.
Plant a flowering tree when a child is born.

Plant a flowering tree when a child is born. A cherry, an apple, a dogwood or a magnolia are perfect trees to plant. Watch as it—and the child—grow and blossom.
Start a college fund.

Start a college fund, and add to it throughout the child's life. Investing in education will help the child follow his or her heart.
Buy a poetry book.

Buy a book of poems about motherhood for the mom-to-be. She will be inspired and touched by the words of other women who have been so blessed.
Start a library.

Gather your favorite children's books together, and start the little one a library.
Knit a blanket or booties.

If you knit, you know your job. Make a blanket, booties or a hat for the little one.
Make a quilt.

Gather scraps of fabric and friends together for an afternoon, and make a simple quilt from squares to cover the little one with love.
Make a coupon book.

Make a coupon book with special offers—good for one night of babysitting, good for one home-cooked dinner a month for a year, good for one day of shopping with a friend or good for a night out on the town.