Spicy Collard Ribbons with Shrimp and Bacon
Photo: Marshall Troy

Collard greens are wilted and tossed with bacon, shrimp, farro, plum tomatoes and red wine vinegar to create a filling and tasty weeknight dish.
Get the recipe: Spicy Collard Ribbons with Shrimp and Bacon

Raw Collard Hummus Wraps
Photo: Marshall Troy

Orange zest and red wine vinegar wake up a cucumber, hummus, sunflower-seed packed wrap. Add a dipping sauce of your choice and enjoy.
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Tuscan Farro Stew
Photo: Marshall Troy

Warm up to a bowl of this healthy yet ultra-comforting stew, which is a twist on minestrone, with farro standing in for pasta. It's also great for lunch the next day.
Get the recipe: Tuscan Farro Stew


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