Sicilian Tuna Salad Sandwich

Photo: Aubrie Pick

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A Splendid Spread
As a kid, my family regularly enjoyed tuna salad with our Sunday lunches—probably because it could sit and marinate while my mom and aunt Raffy made other dishes for our big Sunday supper. My mom would then use the leftovers in sandwiches throughout the week, packing them up for picnic or poolside snacks and school lunches. When I opened my restaurant in Vegas, I wanted to elevate those familiar, favorite tastes to an elegant open-faced version. I just love the way the toasted English muffins soak up all the flavors in their nooks while still staying light and crispy. And the cheesy white-bean spread—a perfect counterpoint to the zesty tuna mixture—is so creamy that you’ll never miss the mayo, which my family never used.

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