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Look for Inspiration Beyond Your Closet

A mood board—whether one of these summery ones, one you find on Pinterest that's based on a specific place or color palette or even the "new arrivals" or "lookbook" section of your favorite store's website—can give you ideas on how to mix your current wardrobe pieces in new ways. You may have forgotten all about those tassel earrings in your jewelry box, but seeing a picture of something similar will jog your memory and inspire you to dig them out to freshen up an outfit you've worn a zillion times.
bold colors

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Try a New Color Combo

You know green and blue go together; as do most earth tones. But going beyond expected color combinations can breathe new life into clothes you currently own. Consider matching pink with red, or lilac with navy in spring. Or try silver and blue, which look ultra-cool together; or navy and cream for a subtle take on the nautical theme. And if these pairings feel too far outside your comfort zone, start with a neutral like black, white, gray, navy, brown or olive green—and then accessorize with a brighter color scarf, piece of jewelry or shoe.

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Break Up the Sets You've Been Leaning On

Maybe you only wear your tweed blazer with a skirt when you need to dress up; or reserve your white button-down for navy pants (and always tuck it in). Throwing a fancy item into a more casual outfit can be refreshing. For instance, a tweed jacket can look great with jeans and a T-shirt. Or wear your go-to white button-down untucked, with a silky tank over it. Once you start matching pieces you never put together before, you'll discover the fun in their infinite possibilities—and add a bit of personality to your look too.