Erborian BB Crème au Ginseng ($39;

This flattering balm from Korea gives you broad spectrum SPF 20 (yes, in fall and winter you still need sun protection) and evens out your complexion while leaving a soft, velvety finish.

Cold Comfort Sum It Up by Pat Summitt
Of all winter's petty annoyances, dry skin ranks right up there with flyaway hair and weight gain. About the dry skin: I'm singing the praises of Origins Three Part Harmony, a two-part regimen (go figure) featuring a hydrator-packed Oil-Infused Serum and Nourishing Cream ($69 each;, each of which contains a blend of super-emollients that restore moisture loss. About the weight gain: You're on your own.

Five Singular Scent-sations Sum It Up by Pat Summitt
If Yves Saint Laurent labels are scarce in your wardrobe but you dream of couture, I know how you feel. So you might want to invest in one of these: Le Vestiaire des Parfums ($250 each for 4.2 ounces;, a collection of five chic new scents from the iconic fashion house. Each fragrance was inspired by a signature YSL style: Saharienne, the safari jacket (citrusy and green); Trench (floral and musky); Caban, the peacoat (woody and peppery); Caftan (amber and spicy); and Tuxedo (smoky and sexy).

Something to Celebrate Sum It Up by Pat Summitt
Though I usually shy away from shimmer, Poppy King (a.k.a. the Lipstick Queen) has royally emboldened me with her new All That Jazz collection ($28 each; Four moisturizing shades—scarlet Hot Piano, pink Cool Gin, purple Whoopee Spot and deep red Paint the Town—impart a rich pigment with a molten metal finish. I'll leave Whoopee Spot to the younger set, but the pink and reds will be my mainstays this holiday season.


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