#1: Condition, Condition, Condition
Deep conditioning treatments are a must as soon as fall rolls around. Use a mask to repair sun damage once a week. Pantene's intensive restoration treatment is one of my favorites, because it is inexpensive, easy to use, and works wonders on dehydrated hair. Leaving the treatment in for just 30 minutes will render your hair shiny, manageable and healthy.

#2: Try Something New
If you ever had the urge to darken your hair, now is the time. Rich colors that are in this season include auburn, chestnut and chocolate browns, and caramel and toffee blondes. Add rosy colors to your cheeks to complement your hair since you aren't spending time in the summer sun.

#3: Hair Color: Fall's Great Accessory
Be careful not to darken hair too much. Two to three shades darker is perfect because it isn't too drastic a change. Changing to a much darker color could wash out fall's paler skin, so if you are using at home hair color make sure the shade is only a few levels darker than your summer hue.

Highlights are a great way to brighten up your face without changing your hair color. When it comes to highlighting, less is always more. Look at the way you wear your hair, and then add highlights around your face and at your crown to draw the eye to your face.

Stay away from ash, wheat, and beige colored blondes, especially in the fall because as your skin loses its bronze pigment from the sun these colors will begin to wash you out. Warmer, more golden colors compensate for a paler complexion and balance out your skin and hair with a stronger contrast.

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