With every season change comes that itch for a new celeb-inspired hairstyle. And, at some point, while you were scouring Pinterest for a fresh look, you've likely asked yourself, "Should I get bangs?" But unlike the those floral dresses you can easily return, bangs are much more of a commitment.

Bangs definitely make for a youthful new look (see everyone from Kerry Washington to Taylor Swift) and they thankfully work for curly hair textures, too. But though they appear effortless, the build-up isn't quite as breezy. If you're considering making the cut, we've gathered everything you need to know before you get bangs, so you have no regret.

First off, are bangs even popular in 2020?

As Laura Polko, Sexy Hair ambassador and celebrity hairstylist explains it, bangs can always be in-style if they're a look you genuinely want to try, as long as you've taken the time to consider all the variables that come with them. Polko advises to think of factors like the amount of upkeep (more on that later!), your natural hair texture, and even whether or not those new bangs are going to get in the way during everyday activities—like while working during the day or exercising at the gym

"Bangs are such a personal decision," she says.

Polko explains that while yes, they're "in style," confidence is key to rock bangs in 2020. Be honest with yourself about why you need a change.

"Are you doing it because you truly want to get bangs, and not because you're like, 'I need a change. Cut my hair off!" she asks. "Evaluate the issue that's driving you to switch it up," she says. And if the issue is, you think you'll look fierce with fringe, then go for it.

How often do you need to trim your bangs?

To maintain their length, you'll want to get trims about every two to three weeks, but they're not as high maintenance as you'd expect, as far as your daily routine goes. "Your bangs become their own hairstyle," says Mark Townsend, Dove celebrity stylist. "With styled bangs, a simple ponytail becomes date night-worthy." So, if you only have 10 minutes in the morning to style your hair, it may just be a matter of dedicating most of that time to your bangs, and not as much focus on rest of your coiff.

But, don't cut them yourself.

Ask your salon if they offer free bang trims in between cuts. "I would not recommend trimming your own bangs. People tend to pull too hard," says Townsend. And since they're front and center on your face, it's so noticeable when they're uneven. "If you really get desperate or you don't mind experimenting on your own, invest in a real pair of styling shears (they cut more smoothly than kitchen scissors). And never cut them when they're wet since they'll shrink when they dry."

Bangs work for every hair type—even curly or fine hair.

"Curls make for amazing bangs. Just be sure to keep them much longer than straight hair, since they shrink," says Townsend. As for fine hair? You might worry that bangs will take away from your volume, but that's not the case. "Long, swept over bangs actually make fine hair look thicker," he says.

Do bangs flatter every face shape?

"The most flattering bangs create an oval face shape," says Townsend. So, if you naturally have an ovular face, you have a larger variety of bang styles to choose from. If your face is square or oblong, "You'll want to try A-shaped bangs or longer layers," he says. "The modern style that works on practically ​anyone​ are choppy bangs that hit right between your eye and eyebrow," he adds. Bonus: Since choppy bangs feature various lengths, you can get slightly more life out of them in between trims.

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