Photo: Jeremy Saladyga

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Before: Katelyn
"I was thirteen when I saw my first silver hair. It was so embarrassing, but my mom wouldn’t let me dye it. She said it wasn’t good for my hair. Instead, I would pluck the silver strands out with a tweezer. That was until my aunt told me that for every hair you pluck, you get eight more in its place, something I’ve since learned is a myth. By the time I was eighteen, my silver was much more noticeable. Once I was old enough, I began dyeing my hair. Nine years later, I spoke to my colorist about growing out the dye. She suggested continuing to color everything except a strip of silver around my face, so I could get used to it. I really liked the way it looked, so when I went back to my colorist seven months later, she dyed even less of it and left most of the silver. Then I decided not to dye at all." —Katelyn Triola, 28