In 2005, Oprah had a segment on her show dubbed the "bra revolution" where she declared, "Women of America, you need to rise up and get a proper bra fitting!" Three years later, a survey published in the Chiropractic & Osteopathy journal stated about 80 percent of women were walking around wearing the wrong bra size.

Fast forward 11 years, and from the looks of it, not much has changed. An ill-fitting bra not only affects comfort, but also how your clothes look. The most common mistake? Sporting a band that's too big and a cup that's too small, said Frederika Zappe, a national fit specialist.

If you suspect your bra size might not be what you think it is, go ahead and grab a flexible tape measure, a mirror, and these instructions, to see for yourself.

1. How to measure your band size: Start by putting on your best fitting underwire bra—then, lift your breasts up so the tape measure is directly under them. Snugly wrap the tape measure around your torso, making sure it's straight across your back, parallel to the floor. If it's an odd number, round up to the next even number. "Remember, the more close-fitting the band is, the greater the support," Zappe said.

2. How to measure your bust size: Wrap the tape-measure around your torso—again, making sure it's straight across your back and parallel to the floor—and place it at the fullest part of the bust (the point farthest away from the chest wall, where your nipples are). This measurement should be fairly loose.

3. How to calculate your cup size: Subtract your band measurement from your bust measurement, and that'll give you the cup size. Every inch difference between your band and cup measurement is a cup size. The first inch is an A, the second is a B, the third a C, the fourth a D, and so on.

Now that you know how to properly figure out your measurements at home, we learned some additional simple tips and tricks to make your bra work for you, not against you by inviting 10 women to come to our NYC offices for bra fittings with Zappe. Read on to see how we tackled their bra qualms head on. After all, like Oprah said in that 2005 episode: "Change your bra, change your life."

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