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Fashion With Heart
This marks the fifth year that fashion expert Mary Alice Stephenson has worked with O to give the red-carpet treatment to outstanding women. As a 15-year veteran in the style industry, Stephenson knows the uplifting effects a little "me" time can have: "It is often hard for givers to receive, so I love fussing over these women, making them feel special, and empowering their organizations." In fact, this work is her mission: Stephenson's organization, Glam4Good, provides meaningful makeovers, clothing giveaways, and confidence-boosting fashion and beauty initiatives for everyday heroes and people in need. "Mary Alice is an invaluable resource," says O creative director Adam Glassman. "Beyond her talent, it's her passion—and she does it all with a smile."

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Above: Set designer Stockton Hall, Glam4Good's Mary Alice Stephenson, poet and management consultant for the arts and NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) resident Rosalie Calabrese, hairstylist Patrick Melville, GlamourGals founder Rachel Doyle, O creative director Adam Glassman, and makeup artist Sarah Lucero.