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The Minimizer Bra
Buttons make a comeback when you add the minimizer bra to your arsenal. With this item, you can say good-bye to bust line gap! Because women who are inverted triangles or ovals are smaller in the lower part of their bodies, they benefit from wearing this bra as it helps to visually balance their proportions.

Structure and Style: This strategically seamed bra is available in long-line and strapless styles, and in a variety of fabrics.

Benefits and Beauty: The minimizer is the bonus bra among the essentials and designed to give the appearance of a smaller bust. It does so by reducing your breasts’ projection, that is, the forward distance of your breasts from your chest wall. By shifting the breast mass toward the underarm it also changes the shape of your breasts. This is a great bra for a little reduction for those who wear a DD cup or larger. Wearing a minimizer will reduce the bust by one and a quarter inches or even more.

Buying It: Purchase a minimizer in the same size as other bras. Beware: a smaller size will not provide greater results, only a horrible fit. When shopping, bring a shirt or blouse that always gaps across the bust to try on with the bra. The difference will be apparent immediately.

Wearing It: Minimizers work especially well under button-down shirts, fitted blouses, dresses, and jackets.

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From the book The Art of Dressing Curves: The Best-Kept Secrets of a Fashion Stylist by Susan Moses. Copyright © 2016 by Susan Moses. Published on April 19, 2016 by Harper Design, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Reprinted by permission.