Photo: Yolanda Diaz

The Half French Twist
This is a fresh take on the standard French twist, a half-up half-down variation that manages to be both flirty and sophisticated. With this version you get the classic look of French twist, but with a lot less work—simply twist and pin and you’ve got this style down!

Best for: All hair lengths

Accessories: Try some ear cuffs if you fancy wearing a bit of jewelry. Or simply slip a bold hair pin or slide into your twist.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Try This: During the day, opt for natural makeup. Think eyeliner, mascara, and your favorite lip color. For special occasions, introduce a smoky eye to keep the focus on your face.

Illustration: Sarah Keate

How to Do It
What you need:
  • Comb
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray

    1. Use a comb to part your hair horizontally across the crown, passing from the front of one ear across to the other. Secure the lower section with a hair tie to keep it out of the way while you work on the top half.
  • Illustration: Sarah Keate

    2. Divide the top section in half. Take the half on your left, sweep it to the center back of your head, then secure it with pins.

    Illustration: Sarah Keate

    3. Now begin twisting the right half over the back center, securing it with bobby pins all the way down the join. The twist should completely cover the half that you pinned in Step 2.

    Illustration: Sarah Keate

    4. Release the bottom section of hair and fluff up your curls, working gently so as to avoid dislodging any bobby pins.

    Illustration: Sarah Keate

    5. Finally, set your 'do with hairspray to give it some extra hold throughout the day. Use your fingers to tweak and perfect the style as you spray.

    Top tip: If you find it tricky to form your twist at first, try working with two mirrors placed opposite each other so that you can monitor what is happening at the back of your head. You’ll soon be able to do this with your eyes closed!

    Reprinted with permission from Curls, Curls, Curls! by Samantha Harris. Copyright 2016 Samantha Harris. Published by Chronicle Books.