how to achieve thicker, fuller hair


If you're like Ali, and Stephanie, you know that thinning hair affects so much more than your appearance. It also has a powerful impact on your self-esteem-and in turn, your everyday life.

"There's a stigma that your hair says so many things about you. If my hair looks good, I feel younger, more confident, and just more enthusiastic about the day."- Ali, 38

"When your hair doesn't look great, you don't feel as fabulous as you should. When my hair has shine and body and life, it puts a spring in my step" - Stephanie, 45
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair


From aging and post pregnancy to breakage from ponytails or extensions, women of all ages are impacted by issues with thinning hair.

ALI SAYS : I have wavy hair and for most of my life, it was so thick-but about seven years ago I noticed it was thinning! Pregnancy, and this desert heat! The water quality and pH has made it brittle.

STEPHANIE SAYS: I've always had fine hair but I used to have a good amount of it. Not any longer! I'm constantly looking at my thinning hair and envying women with thick, gorgeous hair.
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair


Led by Aveda Guest Artist and salon owner Frank Rizzieri, O Mag and Aveda set out to help "unlock" Ali and Stephanie's confidence with thicker and fuller hair by introducing them both to the newly relaunched Invati Advanced ™ thinning hair system. In addition to giving them the Invati Advanced system to try, Frank gave Ali and Stephanie a cut an color for thicker looking hair.

The 98% naturally derived* 3-step Invati Advanced system includes:
  • NEW Invati Advanced ™ Exfoliating Shampoo to exfoliate the scalp
  • NEW Invati Advanced ™ Thickening Conditioner to instantly thicken hair
  • NEW Invati Advanced ™ Scalp Revitalizer, which when used as part of the Invati Advanced system, reduces hair loss** to help keep the hair you have longer

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at
**Due to breakage from brushing, after using the Invati Advanced system for 12 weeks.
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair


Based on consumer feedback, our friends at Aveda have updated the best-selling Invati thinning hair system.

Invati Advanced™ Exfoliating Shampoo now offers a more amazing in-shower experience, more nourishing ingredients have been added to Invati Advanced™ Conditioner, and the upgraded Invati Advanced ™ Scalp Revitalizer now only needs to be applied 1X a day.

And since Invati Advanced™ is now color-safe, Ali and Stephanie don't have to worry about it fading their gorgeous new color!
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair


Stylist Frank showed Ali and Stephanie how easy it is to apply Invati Advanced ™ Scalp Revitalizer just once a day. Simply lift damp or dry hair in sections and spray directly on to scalp 16 times, evenly covering head. Gently massage in. Do not rinse.
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair

Feel more powerful with boosted confidence and be your natural self. Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitalizer is packed with naturally-derived ingredients like tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed to help support hair's natural keratin, certified organic turmeric, and certified organic amla to instantly thicken and lift hair at the root.

ALI SAYS: When I discovered Invati Advanced™, I instantly saw a difference in just one use. My hair feels thicker.

STEPHANIE SAYS: My hair has transformed with Invati Advanced™ by being thicker and fuller and having more of a shine. It feels softer and healthier.
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair

Thicker, fuller hair is more than an outward transformation-it's a chance to regain something that was lost. Confidence.

ALI SAYS: When my hair looks good, it obviously impacts how I feel. And when I feel good, I feel more productive and efficient-like I can take on the world.

Being a mom and focusing so much on others, this experience was a reminder that if I give myself some time, I can look great, be confident in my age, and continue to live a fulfilled and happy journey.
how to achieve thicker, fuller hair

The legendary "Samson" was onto something in terms of hair and vitality. When you love your hair, you don't just stand out-you stand tall.

STEPHANIE SAYS: After the service with Frank Rizzieri, I feel like I'm just more "me"-and that makes me talk to more people, look up more, and engage a lot more than when my hair was under a baseball hat or back in a ponytail.

On set today I felt energetic, exciting, alive. With my thicker, fuller, shinier hair, I wasn't afraid to look into the camera, be me, and just shine.

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