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Deep Plunge
Wear it as a regular bra or unclasp the front to accommodate a low-cut V-neck. This style can go as much as three inches lower than a regular design.

Le Mystère; $39;

Photos: Getty Images, Kevin Sweeney/Studio D

Large-Bust Strapless
Finally, feel secure! Hidden boning and a wide band with four hooks give you extra support, while a no-slip silicone lining helps the bra stay in place—minimizing the dreaded tugging. (PS: it comes in sizes 36C to 44H.)


Photos: Getty Images, Kevin Sweeney/Studio D

One Shoulder
Designed specifically as a one-shoulder bra (instead of a strapless convertible version), this underwire-free bra curves around the body to support your chest. (It's also reversible, so you can wear the strap on either side.)

DMondaine, $80;

Photos: Gianni Pucci, Kevin Sweeney/Studio D

Back Smoother
Wide back wings on this plus-size style (available in 40C to 48DDD) prevent lumps and bumps. (Plus, the lace detail makes it pretty and practical.)


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Crazy for It!: Undies On-Demand
Give your lingerie wardrobe a refresh with a visit to Whether you need a nude T-shirt bra or a bright, lacy brief (or a polka dot balconette or a striped string bikini...), you'll fit it on this comprehensive site, where everything is $28 or less and shipping is always free.

Bras shown, $24 to $28 each;

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Undercover Agents
Reusable silicone nipple covers look seamless under even the lightest fabrics and eliminate high-beam situations.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets, $15;

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At Ease
Your basic T-shirt bra just got an upgrade with new features that emphasize comfort, and delicious soft fabrics that feel like a second skin.

From left:
Side Smoothing: High panels prevent "sleevage," a.k.a. underarm spillage. $40;
Metal-Free: Silicone underwire doesn't poke or dig. $50;
Cooling Effect: It's made of moisture-wicking fabric. Hanes, $34;