Do use a gentle nonsoap cleanser or moisturizing body wash.

Don't leave cleanser on the skin for more than a minute.

Do wash with warm water rather than hot, which can cause dry skin.

Don't waste your money on an antiaging body wash; ingredients don't stay on the skin long enough to be effective.

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Do make exfoliation part of your shower or bath routine to help slough off dead skin.

Don't exfoliate every day; that can irritate. Twice a week is fine.

Do pay extra attention to rough spots like elbows, knees, and heels.

Don't use products containing ground fruit pits—they can create microtears. Try a salt or sugar scrub, or a formula with glycolic or lactic acid.

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Do apply moisturizer when you're still damp from the bath or shower to trap water on the skin.

Don't wait until you notice dry skin to start moisturizing; do it every day.

Do layer hydrating products, applying oil first and then a moisturizing lotion or cream to seal it in.

Don't choose a heavily scented body lotion. The fragrance can cause irritation, especially on sensitive skin.

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Do look for a sunscreen lotion witha broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Don't skimp. You need at least one ounce for your whole body.

Do use sunscreen on exposed parts of your body every day, rain or shine.

Don't assume that dark skin doesn't need protection—though it contains more melanin than light skin, it's still susceptible to UVA/UVB damage.