Think gray is just for grannies? Think again: Gray and silver shades of blonde are popping up across runways and red carpets.

But, if you're looking to try the trend at home, stylists say to approach with caution. If you're transitioning from brunette, gray and silver is hard to achieve yourself, says Cris Baadsgaard, master colorist, colour collective contributor, and owner of Scene Salon. Why? In order to get the pretty, even shade, it has to be lightened first—and the darker your hair, the more time and precision this takes. "You should always visit with your favorite colorist to talk it through," says Baadsgaard. In order to keep hair as healthy as possible, your plan of action may require several salon visits with time in between to let hair rest and recover. Rush the process, and you could end up with a botched dye job and damaged strands.

Baadsgaard says at-home dyes are most appropriate for those who already have gray or silver hair and just need a quick touch-up or refresh of their lowlights. And though it's not impossible for darker blondes and brunettes to take on the task themselves, it does require patience, skill, and a quality product. Willing to give it a go? These are the best gray hair dyes for you.

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