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Second Skin: I wish I had a mask to hide my wrinkles (and help my sensitive skin)!

You may have heard the big news a few months back about a technology that allows you to paint on an invisible polymer (a kind of silicone) that provides external support to lift and tighten the skin. Researchers have been testing the film on the eye area, but that's only the first of its many potential applications, says Anderson, one of the creators of the material. The film could be used wherever the skin has lost elasticity or thickness—under the arms, on the thighs, even on stretch marks. And it could be a boon to those suffering from conditions like eczema: The polymer can be fine-tuned to create a thin layer that could remain on the skin for days, providing a barrier that would prevent inflammation and dryness. While developers plan to submit the polymer for FDA approval, they aren't sure when it might become available to the public.

In the meantime: Try Roloxin Lift ($45 for five; Dermarche.com), a facial treatment containing silica particles that adhere to the skin for up to 24 hours to tighten and smooth fine lines.