When you need to find your center, there's nothing quite like a bubble bath. And, as it turns out, the right products can even give that warm, comforting water restorative and healing properties.

Similar to the way essential oils help reduce stress and improve seasonal allergies, a few drops of these elixirs in the tub can purportedly do everything from soothe sore muscles to clear up a cold.

Of course, if symptoms are severe, you should check in with your doctor. But, if you're just looking for a little bit of relief, essential oils are a natural and safe tool for your health kit. But which essential oils are best for the bath? We broke it down.

For relaxation, try... Lavender essential oil helps improve circulation (great for sore muscles) and has a calming effect, says Martha Krejci, an essential oils expert. Use this essential oil at the end of a long, busy day for a super relaxing experience that'll prime you for sleep.

For pain relief, try... Copaiba is an oil distilled from a tree indigenous to South America. "It's fabulous for overall skin health and has a nice grounding fragrance that really calms the mind," says Krejci. Studies suggest it may also have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties, and can even relieve pain in those with arthritis.

For sore muscles, try... Frankincense has a woody aroma that many swear by for relaxation, namely because of its reported anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, Krejci calls it a "superstar" for this, plus its ability to keep skin soft and supple.

For a cold or dry skin, try... If you have a cold, or are feeling sick, diffuse some eucalyptus for your bath water. This oil is considered an expectorant, or something that loosens mucus, says Dr. Scott Noorda, a board-certified family physician. Studies suggest it also boosts ceramides, helping to hydrate dry skin and soothe itchiness and discomfort associated with mild irritations.

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