gayle king and melissa mccarthy

Photo: Courtesy of Gayle King

I can't get enough of Melissa McCarthy... whether she's on television or the big screen. So when I got the call that she wanted me in her latest flick, The Boss, I didn't hesitate—"Where do you need me to be?"—and next thing I knew, I was on a movie set in Atlanta. Melissa plays Michelle Darnell, a millionaire ready to rebrand herself as America's sweetheart after a stint in prison for insider trading. I play Gayle King, a news anchor who scores the first post-jail interview with Michelle. No two takes were the same because while I stuck to my lines, Melissa was having a blast ad-libbing. (And why not? She wrote and produced the comedy alongside her husband, Ben Falcone, who's also the director.) The laugh-out-loud film hits theaters on April 8, and if there's a sequel, I hope I get the call again!

the odd couple

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

What do you get when you put a slob and a neatnik under one roof? Mostly fights about picking up dirty socks. In season 2 of The Odd Couple, Oscar (Matthew Perry) and Felix (Thomas Lennon) are still trying to navigate their living arrangement. Now, I've never had a roommate, and nothing about it sounds appealing, but as a fan of the original 1970s series, I'll be tuning in to the reboot on April 7.

luggage locator

Photo: Courtesy of LugLoc

We've all been there.... You arrive at your destination—but your suitcase doesn't. (Once, I was in Rome without my clothes for three days.) Let me introduce you to the luggage locator known as LugLoc (device, $70, and trace packs, from $7). Place the compact device inside your bag, and track its approximate location through an app. Once again, technology saves the day.


Photo: Courtesy of Stutterheim

When Adam Glassman... saw me slipping into my new yellow Stockholm raincoat, ($295) he wanted to know if I was reporting for school-crossing-guard duty. Cute, Adam, but no, I was getting ready to brave a New York City monsoon. The coat is made of rubberized cotton, so it's lightweight, but it also really protects—no need to worry about looking like a drenched dog. If yellow isn't your color, there are 14 other solid shades to choose from. April showers, I'm ready for you!


Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/2015 Warner Bros.

One of my favorite... places to take my favorite son when he was younger was the barbershop. I'd bring the barbers the latest issue of O and get all up in their conversation. Which is why when Ice Cube told me Barbershop: The Next Cut (out April 15) is the best one in the series, I watched it immediately. This comedy gets all the laughs, but it also starts a conversation—just like a real barbershop does—this time about gun control. In the movie, Ice Cube's character says, "It's crazy to think haircuts can stop bullets." But it made me wonder: Is it?

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rita wilson

Photo: Steven Sebring

On her debut album Rita Wilson covered her favorite songs from the '60s and '70s. Then she decided to try songwriting because it "felt like the truest expression of who I am. 4; On March 11, Rita gives us 15 cowritten songs on what she calls a really personal album. She tackles topics like loneliness, friendship, and love with relatable lyrics like If I let go of being right, can you let go of trying to win? 'Cause we've got better things to prove. If you're like me, you'll listen to each song on her self-titled album ("Grateful" is my absolute fave) and think, I know that feeling.