Oprah: What finally made you decide, "I'm out of this marriage"? You've gone to California. You waited.

Whitney: I waited. I went to California. I got me a little home there in Laguna. Some friends of mine got a plane for me. Flew me there out in a private jet. I got with a counselor. ...

And after a couple of months, he would say he was coming, and he never came, and my only concern was my daughter and her perception of her father. And me trying to tell her the truth about that was very difficult because she was just a kid—13 growing into being a young woman. So I gave her bits and pieces. But that Internet and that computer, man, tells you and lets you know, and she was, like, "Mom, this is Dad?" And I was, like, "Yeah. Okay." And she saw him with the—

Oprah: Other women.

Whitney: Thank you. Just crazy things, you know? And she said, "Oh, no." She said, "No, divorce him."

Oprah: Your daughter said.

Whitney: Let him go. "Mom," she said. "I see how you are. You stay here with me. You love me. You take me to school. You do things with me. You don't disappoint me. You don't lie to me. You're there for me. He tells me he's coming, and he never comes. He tells me he's going to give me things, he never brings them." She says, "You don't deserve that, and neither do I." She was far more intelligent than I could ever imagine.


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