Are there training camps for officials?
There are. We're constantly being updated. There's no off-season for us; 365 days a year, we're watching footage and emailing each other about new rules and plays.

Jerry Rice's uniform had to fit a certain way. Marshawn Lynch eats Skittles. What's your ritual?
Hot coffee, whether it's 20 degrees out or 100. And though most officials shine their shoes in their hotel, it's my good luck routine right before I hit the field.

What are the gig's downsides?
The white pants! The material was terrible, and they clearly weren't made for women. I'm so happy that now we wear the black pants full-time—they're much more slimming.

What's life like when you're not out there on the sidelines?
I'm a pharmaceutical sales rep, so I'm driving around all day. I'm also a mom of two boys who are major football fans. They're more excited about going to games than the fact that their mom is an official.

How do you shake it off when a stadium full of fans is booing you?
I remind myself that they're mad at the play, not me!


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