Before they were famous, many celebrities—including Shania Twain, Madonna and Jay Leno—worked behind the counter at fast food joints. For the first time in more than 20 years, country star Martina McBride made a stop in Hutchinson, Kansas, to revisit the Dairy Queen where she once worked.

"I moved here to go to school, to sing in a band, and I had to pay my own bills," she says. "I wanted to make my own way."

At the time, this Dairy Queen was owned by Wilbur and Vera Graber...and it still is! This couple has served up soft serve for than 40 years, and Wilbur still remembers hiring Martina back in 1984.

"She was one of the best," he says. "And she was always willing to learn."

With a cone in hand, Martina can still create the classic Dairy Queen curl, but that's not all she learned during her time here. "I think that I carry with me from this job just a way to treat people. I know that when I go in a restaurant, I completely empathize with the person working behind the counter," she says. "I think just having that experience really gives you a great perspective."

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