Sheg and Oprah

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Sheg's decision to spend hundreds of dollars on a Hawaiian luau may have gotten him sent home, but he says he'd do it all over again. Instead of a luau, however, he says he should have planned a barbecue.

"I was sort of short on funds," he says. "I was trying to do the math and [figure out], 'How can I dispense this money so they know that a guy called Sheg [they] didn't know came into their house, cleaned up and gave us this experience that we cherished?' That's what I wanted to do for the kids."

Though he didn't make it into the final four, Sheg says he learned a lot about America during his time on the show. "The biggest thing I learned from Oprah's Big Give is that the power of giving and the spirit of giving transcends nationality, race, gender," he says. "Every human being, given an incentive, would give back and would want to give. I saw America and communities come together [for] one cause, which is giving to the less fortunate."

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