A guy. A girl. A famously over-the-top deli scene. When it comes to picking a movie for a night with your girl friends, it doesn't get much better than When Harry Met Sally. Celebrate your friendship while watching theirs! 

  • Harry first met Sally in Chicago, but the film's real focal point is New York City. There are dozens of ways you can incorporate the Big Apple into your party. Try decorating your living room with pictures of iconic NYC landmarks. The arch in Washington Square Park is featured in an important scene, so start there.
  • One thing we know for sure: Harry and Sally love delis. Serve your guests a buffet of classic dishes like BLTs, grilled cheese or corned beef on rye. Try making mini-versions! And, don't forget the pickles.
  • Harry Connick Jr. provides the soundtrack for the film, so be sure to have some of his classic tunes playing in the background.
  • Another great scene in the film revolves around a game of Pictionary. Send each of your friends home with a different board game of their own, then plan a night of friendly competition.
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