Barbra never let her circumstances stifle her dreams. As a girl, she dreamed big and imagined a successful, glamorous life for herself. "I wanted to be seen. I wanted to be recognized, because I wasn't seen a lot as a child," she says. "So I think that's what motivated me."

But, when the accolades and awards began pouring in, Barbra says she was shocked by stardom. "I wasn't ready for the stardom effect," she says. "I thought I wanted to be famous, but then when I got famous, I really didn't enjoy the fame. ... I don't like fame. I don't like being followed. I don't like disappointing people if something's wrong."

When you're the manifestation of people's dreams, Barbra says it's hard to not disappoint them.

In the past few years, Barbra says she's learned to receive admiration and appreciation. "When you accept yourself, I mean, you unfortunately have to accept your flaws because there are many, but you accept the good things, and then accept the love," she says. "You want to drink it in, and you want to share it. You want to give it out, so I can now perform in front of people."


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